New Western Sydney Airport’s runway taking shape

The WSI reached a major milestone in construction, with the completion of asphalting and concreting of our 3.7km runway! 🛫

55,000 tonnes of asphalt was laid (that’s 41 soccer fields by the way) with an on-site batch plant leading to 270 tonnes of asphalt being laid per hour.

Nearly 220km of aeronautical ground lighting cabling is sitting underneath the asphalt too, which is the distance between Sydney and Foster!

Nothing says ‘airport’ more than a runway, and this milestone really is a sign that our airport is beginning to take shape. Line-marking and installation of 3,000 runway lights is up next.

WSI is being designed for growth and will eventually become Sydney’s biggest airport.

WSI will eventually grow to 82 million annual passengers, around the size of the world’s major airports, such as Dubai and London Heathrow. This milestone is an exciting reminder of where we will be in 2062! 🏗️