Housing values record a subtle re-acceleration in February as sentiment improves

Housing values posted a broad-based rise in February. CoreLogic’s national Home Value Index (HVI) went up 0.6% in February.

✅ “Housing values have been more than resilient in the face of high interest rates and cost of living pressures,” CoreLogic’s research director, Tim Lawless, said.  “The ongoing rise in housing values reflects a persistent imbalance between supply and demand which varies in magnitude across our cities and regions.”

Perth continues to stand out with a substantially higher rate of growth compared to any other region, up 1.8% over the month.  Adelaide (+1.1%), Brisbane (+0.9%) and the regional areas of SA (+1.1%), WA and Queensland (both +1.0%) also show a consistently high rate of capital growth month-to-month.

Although growth rates in Sydney and Melbourne home values have leveled out, the monthly trend has accelerated, with Melbourne emerging from a three-month slump of negative monthly movements to record a subtle 0.1% rise in February. Similarly, Sydney dwelling values have moved back into positive territory over the past two months after recording a subtle decline in November and December.