Modular Affordable Housing Sydney

It was a great pleasure meeting industry leaders and friends at the Modular Affordable Housing Sydney Summit. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead.

The Transport Oriented Development (TOD) State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) aims to address Sydney’s housing crisis by focusing on development around transport hubs🏠 Key changes include:

✅ Increased Housing Supply: Over 170,000 new homes will be built within 400 meters of 37 metro and rail stations, creating vibrant, mixed-use communities close to public transport.

✅ Affordable Housing: Developers must allocate at least 2% of their projects to affordable housing, managed by community housing providers, with the percentage expected to increase over time.

✅ Design and Density Standards: New rules set a maximum Floor Space Ratio (FSR) of 2.5:1 and building heights of up to 24 meters, ensuring high-quality designs while accommodating higher densities.

✅ Collaboration with Local Councils: The NSW government is working closely with local councils to align the TOD policy with local planning needs, addressing infrastructure and community concerns.

These initiatives aim to make housing more accessible and affordable, particularly for young people and families, by creating well-connected, sustainable urban communities. As a local land developer, Swoopland is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by collaborating with our industry partners to enhance housing supply.